b. 1980, Decatur, Georgia, US
Lives and works in Doha, Qatar


2007 MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2005 BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2002 BA, LaGrange College


2015 – 2016 Fire Station Artists in Residence Program – Doha, Qatar

Solo Exhibitions

2013 SacredScared, Comfort Station Gallery, Chicago
2011 Chorus, Lloyd Dobler Gallery, Chicago
2010 Sentence, Gallery UNO, Chicago
2010 GodGodGod, Peregrine Program, Chicago, Curated by Edmund Chia
2008 Ridiculous, Julius Caesar Gallery, Chicago
2006 Milk, Of Art and Order, Chicago

Two-Person Exhibitions

2012 Dissolution, Eel Space, Chicago (with sculptor Kristina Paabus)
2012 Hinge Gallery, MDW Fair, Chicago (with painter Rusty Shackleford)
2011 + – + –, Zrobili Gallery, Chicago (with media artist Winslow Smith)

Group Exhibitions

2014 On Big Drawings, , A+D Gallery, Chicago, Curated by Friedhard Kiekeben
2013 Group Exhibition, Hinge Gallery, Chicago,

2012 Gallery Artists, Hinge Gallery, MDW Fair, Chicago
2011 FORCE WOULD VANISH FROM THE RELATIONS OF MEN, Kodra 11 Contemporary Art Festival,
Thessaloniki, Greece. Curated by Edward Salem.
2011 Five Funerals, “Painting is Dead”, The Charnel House,Chicago
2011 Mabel’s Way Back Machine, The Op Shop 3, Chicago
2011 Gallery Artists, Lloyd Dobler Gallery, MDW Fair, Chicago
2010 Gallery Artists, Lloyd Dobler Gallery, NEXT Art Fair, Art Chicago
2009 Ridiculous, Julius Caesar Gallery, Chicago
2008 Hannis Pannis and Friends, Cinemat, Bloomington, IL
2007 MFA Thesis Exhibition, Gallery 2, SAIC, Chicago
2005 BFA Thesis Exhibition, Gallery 2, SAIC, Chicago
2004 November Group Show, Of Art and Order, Chicago
2004 Grand Opening Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Atlanta

Sound/Video Performances

2012 MiniSoundFestival, Prak-Sis Gallery, Chicago
2011 Mixes and Microphones, The Op Shop 4, Chicago
2010 Garbage Fest, Mortville, Chicago
2010 Garbage World, Mortville, Chicago
2010 Pay No Attention, Pilsen Vintage, Chicago

2010 communist boys / fascist girls, High Concept Laboratories, Chicago
2009 Philanthrocapitalism, 1900 Gallery, Chicago

2009 Fest Fest, Julius Caesar Gallery, Chicago

2009 Everything Again: Kevin Gallagher and Friends, Scott Projects, Chicago (with Diego Leclery)
2009 Nitey Nite, Spoke Gallery, Chicago
2008 I Can’t Help This: Three Unusual Protests, 8th Annual Chicago Anarchist Film Festival

Public Performances
2008 It Was Just Here/There, Chicago
2008 Unscheduled, Chicago

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